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Environment : 2-ecological restoration

mardi 1er février 2022, par La graine

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How to restore nature ? Ecological restoration helps restore an ecosystem. Explanation in video.


Here is a video recap. The script and sources are provided below.

Video presentation

Following the ascertainment seen in the first part, what can be done ?
Ecological restoration helps restore an ecosystem.



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The script of the video in English.


Technical notes

SVG documents are made with Inkscape.
The video is edited with Kdenlive, available on Linux (« Random Swish Wipe » has been added for transitions :

Improvements for a version 2

  • In the ecological corridors, talk about the black, brown and air networks.

Some definitions

Ecological restoration

Ecological restoration consists of « undoing » environmental damage. This restorative management practice will study the ecological disturbances of an environment, in order to determine how to intervene in order to obtain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. This can involve depollution, the reintroduction of living species, the establishment of infrastructures, the consideration of ecological corridors [1] (such as green, blue or black network [2], habitats adapted to living species...) or the destruction or the displacement,..., of artificial elements (roads, buildings, etc.)
Ecological restoration implies a good knowledge of the interactions of species and their environment. In the past, there have been human interventions which were catastrophic, despite good intentions. Let’s learn from the past.

[1Ecological corridors connect several natural areas to ensure an ecological continuum

[2The green network connects natural terrestrial areas, the blue connects natural aquatic areas, the black connects areas used by nocturnal species

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