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Environment: 2-ecological restoration

Tuesday 1 February 2022, by La graine

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How to restore nature ? Ecological restoration helps restore an ecosystem. Explanation in video.


Here is a video recap. The script and sources are provided below.

Video presentation

Following the ascertainment seen in the first part, what can be done?
Ecological restoration helps restore an ecosystem.



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The script of the video in English.


Technical notes

SVG documents are made with Inkscape.
The video is edited with Kdenlive, available on Linux (“Random Swish Wipe” has been added for transitions:https://store.kde.org/p/1675129/).

Improvements for a version 2

  • In the ecological corridors, talk about the black, brown and air networks.

Some definitions

Ecological restoration

Ecological restoration consists of “undoing” environmental damage. This restorative management practice will study the ecological disturbances of an environment, in order to determine how to intervene in order to obtain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. This can involve depollution, the reintroduction of living species, the establishment of infrastructures, the consideration of ecological corridors [1] (such as green, blue or black network [2], habitats adapted to living species...) or the destruction or the displacement,..., of artificial elements (roads, buildings, etc.)
Ecological restoration implies a good knowledge of the interactions of species and their environment. In the past, there have been human interventions which were catastrophic, despite good intentions. Let’s learn from the past.

[1Ecological corridors connect several natural areas to ensure an ecological continuum

[2The green network connects natural terrestrial areas, the blue connects natural aquatic areas, the black connects areas used by nocturnal species


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